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GeoSOM - Clustering geo-referenced data

Brief Description

GeoSOM is the attempt to adapt Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) in order to consider the spatial nature of geographic data. This is done by modifying the way that Best Matching Units (BMU) are chosen; switching from an equal consideration of all variables, to a more spatially centered one (x and y pares, for example). That means, units (neurons) that have similar cordinates to the input data are more likely to be considered as BMUs.

Since GeoSOM is an adaptation of general SOM, it is possible to develop the first, based on the later. In particular, the coding of GeoSOM is based on the somtoolbox for Matlab, developed by staff of the Laboratory of Information and Computer Science in the Helsinki University of Technology.

Following the way of somtoolbox,GeoSOM is open to the use and contribution of the community.

GeoSOM Environment


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This project was developed with financial support from the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) via project: